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Ngo Thanh Van by zemotion

It's a big honor for me to have an oportonety to write my opinion on such a fine work, of an artist I admire and follow for a long time.

This work really pops up in many ways, with a classic touch of flower theme all around from the flower jars to the sofa and the model's dress. It contains a good amount of passion and sexy touch by the legs exposure and model's look and calm body language. Also, the natural look of the furniture is a great base for such picture.
The picture has one more interesting thing to catch the eye of - a group of flowers near the model's legs, which adds something to think about - some isolated flowers on the ground when all the rest are properly made.
For all of that I chose to give 5 stars on Vision and Originality. This picture shows a great setup from the whole crew, which is very noticeable.

I have no much to say about the Technique of this picture, because it's very noticeable to see there are a lot of profession work in here in posing, frame building and lighting use. Yet I can point a few things to have a notice about.
The lighting and color are good and deliver a special atmosphere to the watcher, getting to stay on the picture more then a few seconds, like a rich paint. But I feel it has too bright tone in the model area, which makes her blend-in the whole picture instead of pop her out more.
I had a bit hard hand on that with a 4 stars but it's the little things to get the most, as I feel it.

For the Impact and sum up my critique I only have a few words to say -

When watching this picture, it feels and smells like a rich royal garden in it's elegant aspect.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
15 out of 15 deviants thought this was fair.


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